We provide a  range of biological filtration  systems for transportation and hospitals and  helps prevent the spread of the virus. This system  may be installed and used to transport infected  people from the airport or other locations to  isolation facilities.

TACTICARS  designs and   modifies   vehicles,   providing   a complete mobile solution for CBRN threats. The vehicle  may include an open vehicle protection system,  designed for extended operations. The sealed  vehicle contains different sensors that are to  detect and analyse various types of hazardous  substances.

The vehicle  contains mobile detectors and  collecting devices that allow the team to gather  and analyse samples on-site.


The  Biological  Filtration  System,  filters contaminated air out of isolation chambers used by hospitals and other places handling  contagious diseases. The filtration system creates  a negative pressure inside the isolation chamber  thus preventing the spread of the disease. The  contaminated air is first drawn out of the isolation  chamber. It is then filtered through a highly  efficiant HEPA filter and UV light before being  discharged into the outside airspace.


CBRN Filter Fitted Ambulance Carrier Vehicle is  having gas-tight and over-pressurized box body  compartment with CBRN filter and air conditioning  system following NATO MIL-STD.


TACTICARS build customised CBRN vehicles  designed to provide the CBRN unit with a complete  mobile solution to deal with hazardous substances/  CBRN threats. The sealed vehicle contains different  sensors that are to detect and analyse different  types of hazardous substances.

The vehicle contains mobile detectors and  collecting devices that allow the team to gather  and analyze samples on-site and decide the alert  level required.


The vehicle provides complex decontamination,  disactivation and disinfection functions as a  protective measure against CBRN attacks. It is  designed for fast operation under field conditions  and provides preparation, transportation and  temporary storage of anti-CBRN mixtures. A  central electrical power generator supplies all  decontamination modules with electric suuply.  The system is equipped with a shower section  for the entire decontamination processes. It also  features equipment for the decontamination of  road sections.


One of the biggest challenges for countries  profoundly affected by the Coronavirus is their  ability to provide medical care.

With thousands of the population infected  by the virus and requiring hospitalisation,  hospitals are collapsing under the pressure  due to insufficient medical personnel, a lack of  medical equipment/supplies and overcrowding  in the wards effecting all departments.

Implementing emergencies procedures,  stocking up on equipment and protective  clothing and breathing apparatus in advance  will go a long way in supporting your facility  ability to function at full capacity.

ADSone provides a wide range of equipment and  systems for hospitals that help protect medical  teams and patients from further infection.

  • Ventilation & NBC Filtrations Systems
  • Portable Isolation Chambers & ICU
  • Portable Clean Rooms
  • Mobile Ophthalmic Operating Room
  • Biological Filtration Systems
  • High-level Protective suits for medical teams,  Ambulance Services and First Responders.


The trailer provides a fully equipped  decontamination system for the decontamination  of personnel, equipment, vehicles and road sections  Complete with all and chemicals necessary for quick decontamination on the spot are provided.  The complete system is integrated in a 2t trailer  ensuring the highest mobility.