Using decontamination methods is vital to  prevent infection to medical and emergency  services and the general population in areas of  risk contamination, such as public transport and  public areas.

We offers a wide range of decontamination  facilities for temporary hospitals and isolation  units. Temporary decontamination stations  provide simultaneous decontamination of up  to 150 personal. The station includes a shower,  wastewater, drain pump, tanks, etc.)

Comprehensive solutions for decontamination  of public areas, medical facilities and public transport.

Using only Ultra-violet “C” light  (UVC), the Falcon instantly  kills bacteria, viruses and  superbugs on any exposed surface.  The process is fast, affordable, safe  and highly-effective.

Scientifically-proven UVC (used in hospitals).

Works  on  plastic,  metals,  leathers and fabrics.

Variable speeds–up to 99.99%  germ-kill rate.

Proven 99% germ-kill.


This light, easy to setup portable structure allows  you to select from a variety of shower models to be  installed inside the tent. It includes: A framework,  pool, curtains and water anchors.


  • Field Showers
  • Multi-Showers
  • Personal Showers
  • Decontamination sprays for personnel and vehicular transport
  • Mobile Water Purification Systems


The Safety Shower is a light, portable and durable  shower for emergency purposes. It consists of five  pieces on top of an aluminum trunk. Water flow is  controlled by a foot switch, ensuring economical  usage.


Continuous and simultaneous CBRN  detoxification / decontamination  personnel, equipment, vehicles and terrain.