The continually changing guidelines to take severe precautions are putting technology to the  test. Drones, UAV’s, and robots are being pressed into service as the world looks for the safest  possible ways to stem the spread of the virus. From keeping tabs on citizens’ body heat in this  time of crisis, to air quality monitoring, contactless disinfection of widespread areas and medical  delivery, ADSone offers a wide range of autonomous solutions for multiple applications to maintain  the civilian security and wellbeing.


Our Spraying drone has an improved overall  structure with modular design and supports the  highest payload and widest spray width ever in a  DJI agricultural drone. With powerful hardware,  an AI engine, and 3D-operation planning, the Spraying drone brings operation efficiency to a whole new level.

Designed for precise spraying of liquid products  for parcels, surfaces and roof treatment, offering  new treatment solutions aimed at a number of  applications.


You can use the drone to dispatch medicines  directly to the required destination.


Sensors can be installed on the skimmer to  monitor air quality in epidemic areas, and even  monitor the desired level of environmental spray.


Using the drone camera, you can map and locate  patients’ locations, disease site locations, body  locations, convenient access routes for treatment,  and more.